Dr. Donalee Brown

In addition to being full Professor Emerita of counseling and psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU).  and former Director of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling master’s program at FDU, Dr. Donalee Brown is actively engaged in a private practice at Focus Upward in Colorado and serves on the Artist Series Board at Colorado University. Her research and understanding of psychological phenomena prevalent among the millennial generation connects psychological biases such as overconfidence bias, self-control bias, delayed gratification, risk aversion, interpersonal trust, and anxiety related to traumatic events with millennial behavior.  Her knowledge of these phenomena informs the assessment of millennial behavioral characteristics, particularly as they impact financial decision making.  Her insights and conclusions are based on empirically validated studies that provide an understanding of unique millennial behaviors and their financial decision-making repercussions. Working with co-author Zane Brown to understand how these behaviors affect financial decision-making led to strategies that can help many millennials avoid future economic and psychological distress. 

In addition to her research for this book, her recent research interests has included human trafficking and the mitigation of sexual harassment by the process of natural mentoring.  Her clinical work has focused on forensic psychology, sexual trauma and incorporating Christian principles into psychology. Among her other publications, Dr. Brown’s research is published with Zane Brown in the Journal of Behavioral Finance.

It is the unique collaboration of these two authors, combining psychology and investment decision making, that supports the insights, conclusions, and suggestions in Millennial Apocalyp$e.  It is their hope that you finish this book with increased awareness of the financial difficulties that you are positioned to face, a better understanding of why those difficulties exist, and a plan to redirect your path toward a better financial future.

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