Zane E Brown

As an investment strategist with years of experience, Zane Brown became increasingly concerned about the financial difficulties faced by millennial investors. His conversations with young professionals, their parents, and investment advisors around the country have corroborated those concerns. Those concerns include the effects of two recessions, the consequences of delayed life decisions, and reduced access to retirement plans and Social Security. These circumstances combine with poor investment behaviors to suggest that many millennials face a bleak financial future. 

At the same time, co-author Donalee Brown, a Ph.D. psychologist and university professor, repeatedly encountered unique psychological traits among millennial university students. These traits, which evolve from their cultural and economic experiences, differentiate millennials from other generations. Overconfidence, a short-term perspective and extreme self-reliance are among the traits that cause delays to major life decisions and that frequently lead to poor investment decisions. These traits, and the tendencies they foster, carry long-term financial consequences.

The economic perspective of Zane Brown is complemented and reinforced by the psychological perspective of Dr. Donalee Brown. We believe that our collective effort offers a more comprehensive understanding of the financial well-being of millennials and how it is likely to develop than other books on this important topic. We hope, therefore, that we can offer unique solutions designed to help our readers avoid future financial hardships.

We hope you come away with a better understanding of the factors that could lead you and your peers to a financial apocalypse, and that the book will inspire you to take steps to avoid that outcome. 

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