Investment Insight For Millennials Nov 28, 2022,10:22am EST


Occasionally…a work comes along that offers genuine insight and useful investment guidance. One such work is Millennial Apocalyp$e by Zane Brown and Dr. Donalee Brown.

This book…offers the kind of sane investment advice applicable to anyone who wants to secure and expand a financial nest egg….Millennial Apocalyp$e delves into the psychological tendencies of this huge generation, explaining how its experiences have fostered ways of thinking that can thwart effective investment strategies and often stymie investment success….

Chapter by chapter the book shifts gracefully from psychological insight to investment advice. In doing so it offers a lively and enjoyable read….

Investment beginners especially would benefit tremendously from this book…. The same might be true of more sophisticated investors looking to stretch into more esoteric areas of practice. These people might find it useful to supplement their reading with something like Bite-Sized Investing. Supplemented or not, I can recommend Millennial Apocalypse as an essential guide to making investment strategy and securing investment success.

Milton Ezrati

Senior Contributor

"In Millennial Apocalyp$e, Zane and Dr. Donalee Brown have presented extensive insights on the experiences, the motivations and the behaviors of the current millennial generation, and why resulting common traits may be driving them into a difficult future retirement.  But rather than leaving us with a dire prediction, the authors (also) show a way forward for those willing to change. 
While Millennial Apocalyp$e is targeted to the millennial generation, ...(it) is an important read for parents and advisors who may still have influence over of this important generation. ...
Stacy Plemmons
Executive Education Faculty, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver


Loved it! 

A thought-provoking and insightful book for our times, with relevance for a wide audience interested in the psychology of the millennials.

In this well-timed and relevant book, financial strategist, Zane Brown, and psychologist, Dr. Donalee Brown, address the conditions, fears, and proposed solutions around the financial well-being of millennials….


It helps us understand how their sense of entitlement, risk aversion, internet addiction, self-aggrandizement, behavioral biases, distrust in banks and traditional organized financial organizations in favor of cryptocurrencies, and even financial PTSD are impacting the modern social fabric. This book goes on to explain how late marriages, high student debts, delayed or no real estate investment, and zero retirement plans are keeping millennials on the precipice of a financial disaster…. 


This is an important book for a wide audience - parents, educators, leaders, and …(others) who are not getting clear answers on what 2023 and beyond hold for the world. This is a stressful time - a book that acknowledges this and offers succor in practical ways while validating the concerns of our generation - is a must-read book.